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Hey guys!
Some people would say that I am addicted to the smell and taste of pussy and they are right! :) In my sexual life, nothing matters more than fulfilling female pleasure. The female orgasm is probably the most beautiful thing in the world and every woman deserves it!
Mr. PussyLicking was born in summer 2020 when I started to film short videos of my favorite activity Pussy eating. From very amateur videos filmed during the weekends, it changed to my lifestyle and everyday filming. It happened so fast and completely changed my life! Thank you all, it happened only because of you.
I love you all for your support, likes, and amazing comments. We solve together a lot of sexual problems some of you were having and made more bedrooms happy! I am so grateful for that! Please if you have some questions and you think I might help let me know, I am always here for you!
If you are looking for adventure, fun and want to know my personality, you are very welcome to write me and we can figure out something if we like each other. I will be glad to share my experience and excited to learn something new from you.